About Us

We started Hats & Ladders in 2015 to help reimagine career education. Building off twenty years of developing award-winning educational games and interactive experiences, we created a mobile platform designed to motivate youth to explore, experiment with, and prepare for a wide range of career pathways.

Hats & Ladders uses up-to-date occupational data, game mechanics, and youth-driven design thinking to motivate the next generation of career thinkers and doers.

Our Mission

Empower young people with career-building experiences, skills, and opportunities so they can take small steps now that lead to big leaps later.

The Stats


Careers & Activities

Providing up-to-date occupational data and related skill-building activities to enable youth in exploring a variety of careers.



Serving the largest summer youth employment program in the country through the Department of Youth and Community Development in NYC, among others.



Working with schools and community based organizations in preparing young people for the world of work and beyond.


Discover the career readiness tool that youth love

We’re small but mighty

Our Team

George Alexander

Senior Full-Stack Engineer

Scott Brewster

Director of Partnerships & Co-Founder

Kristen Budd

Senior Curriculum & Instruction Manager

Jaclyn Luna

Data Designer & Analyst

Benjamin Galynker

Senior Product Advisor

Johann George

Senior Client Success Manager

Ivonne Karamoy

Director of Product & Design

David Langendoen

CFO & Co-Founder

Leonor Paulino

Client Success & User Support Manager

Ally Porzio

Curriculum & Instruction Fellow

Leah Potter

CEO & Co-Founder

Dan Ramalho

Front-End Engineer

Robert Sorkin

Senior Software Engineer

Heather Weston

Director of Business Development

Finally. Career education that youth love.